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My Hobbit needs an upgrade!

I just put up a Gofundme campaign for my Hobbit’s Cochlear Implant Upgrade.  Visit it here:

Here is a bit of the background story: My husband Sam has Ushers Syndrome. He is deaf and rapidly going blind. In 2002, his mother convinced him to get a Cochlear Implant and his unit was one of the big Sprint Processor/ Body Worn CI’s like pictured above. Last year, 11 years later, it was so obsolete that we couldn’t find parts for it and the CI processor was no longer compatible with the programs used to update and calibrate it. So we applied for a new CI. Sam’s Medicare covers 80%, but the amount left was still about 1500.00. The people at Cochlear America gave us a generous waiver, but we are still responsible for about 400 dollars of the new processor, fees for follow up doctors (CI Specialists) visits, and the other necessities for upgrading to the new Nucleus 6 behind the ear processor (the object on the left is the CI part that is inside his head and ear and the right is the processor): Our budget is very tight and we can’t really afford 400 dollars, but without the CI, Sam is seriously sensory deprived. We are hoping our friends, family and community members will help us out with this drive to raise money for his implant.

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This blog is about my life and how I see things. I write, I think, I dream, I do. I used to write a lot of fantasy until I realized I was living one. I was married to a deaf-blind Hobbit in a realm we created together. He passed away in 2014, but our life was interesting enough I think you might like it too.

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  2. what internal piece does he have? is the N6 compatible with his?

    • He has a Sprint. It is obsolete. It can’t even be hooked up to the processing software they use now. We can’t even find parts for it. THe picture is of what he actually has. A body worn CI.

      • but what internal component? CI24RE, N24? that depends on what external processors are compatible. Sadly right now the N5 and N6 are not compatible with anything but the CI24, CI500 and 422 internals.

      • I don’t know, I just know the CI specialist recommended a N6 upgrade and indicates it will be compatible with his internal component. I think it is the CI24 (I believe). I have to assume the CI specialist knows what she’s talking about.

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