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The water bill in the house of a deafblind man

I am regularly waking up in the morning to the sound of running water.  How long the water has been on, I’m not sure.  We have a pool, so our water bill is always pretty high, but this week we have another deafblind man in the house staying as a guest.  I woke up this morning to find the water on in the guest bathroom.

Two deafblindmen in the same house, twice the fun with water! WOOT!

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This blog is about my life and how I see things. I write, I think, I dream, I do. I used to write a lot of fantasy until I realized I was living one. I was married to a deaf-blind Hobbit in a realm we created together. He passed away in 2014, but our life was interesting enough I think you might like it too.

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  1. Noelle – I love your blog and would like to share it when I post a story this week about my deaf-blind friend, Wendy. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂


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